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Welcome to GOLD DEALERS AFRICA, the only Gold focused and dedicated business based in Uganda East Africa. It is a family founded business that came a long way as the founders used to trade gold dust locally between the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda before finding out that engaging directly with the outside gold market will strongly increase the returns on the investments through dealings with purchasing companies and individual dealers. There was a need to do intense research and incurring unexpected losses that with time of experience turned into major profits. Being loyal and delivering on contracts signed has been a value adding mechanism with the support of proper export documentation from the concerned authorities we taking our operations to new heights with a well drafted year 2020 vision that has already been addressed to our long term individual clients.
Since most countries nolonger allow the importation of gold dust this has been an advantage to both our loyal clients and our business hence we are exporting only semi-refined pure gold dore bars with less weight in impurities increasing our revenue flows. We aim to be the leading small scale medium gold exporting business in Uganda. we are willing to help prospective buyers with buying pure gold in Africa legally through Uganda. The returns on the investments (ROI) minus revenues of our business operations are expected to exceed US$3.8Million per annum depending on the variables that are factored in with investments in the mining programs. We have been operating the same business through Uganda and the whole of East Africa for over a decade and during that time we have produced and exported more than 116540 onces of gold ores on records including the ores retrieved from our local mining communities.
Headquartered in Kampala Uganda, we deal with 4 gold mining operations in 3 countries, as well as several exploration programs in both the established and the new gold producing regions of the East Africa including South Sudan. Trust is hard earned and easily destroyed. It’s a fragile commodity to be negotiated. Failure to act ethically has an impact on our credibility, both with our local miners as well as our clients. Trust is constructed on the basis of several building blocks that include, but are not limited to: effective dialogue with a focus on listening and participation, respect, transparency, commitment making and delivery; and continuity over time to deliver on commitments made. We seek to address each of these to maintain our trust and credibility.​ Our commitment to gold does not stop with securing gold ores but extends to its global marketing, downstream value adding activities as well as monitoring of consumer trends and perceptions. We may collaborate with local communities in the gold producing regions and other local dealers with long term experience and reputation within the localities to increase supply so that we can meet the demands with us. There are some small to mid-sized mining projects in minimal production already with geological survey reports that needs Joint Venture Investments buying out controlling interests can also be discussed and agreed on. Investment opportunities through artisanal mining projects have proved viable and there are open pit mining sites that needs investors to increase production and there is a possibility of licensing the production for them as it may be with the investors interest. Our business is fully open and we are readily available to engage with all prospective buyers all around the world and we are proud to mention that we have found success with a growing number of clients in the Middle East and Asian Countries. Our clients expect the very best, so that’s who we are. If you want to deal with a company who cares, Come grow with us. We are your only trusted gateway to buying and exporting pure Gold dore bars in East Africa- Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and DR Congo from credible dealers.

We provide professional semi-refined Gold business consulting and sourcing services to prospective Buyers and investors on how to spot develop and successfully execute viable mining and gold dore bars purchase contracts.
Our business has Consultant Partners with many years of experience as Private Individual Consultants in the sectors as which include; Gold mining & procurement services, Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Training & Capacity Building. Our dedicated consultancy and research division provides consultancy services to a wide range of clients including individual Buyers, mining investors and purchasing companies.